All Seasons’ – 5 Reasons To Work In Care


1. Accommodating Rotas

Whilst a Care Work isn’t so flexible that it’s too good to be true, it’s not far off!

When applying to become a Carer, applicants will need to submit their availability. There is a balanced working routine in place that is there to allow our carers to work around their life, family and even studies, and there is always the option to work more hours if Carers need them.

Office and supervisor roles are regulated with a much more standardised routine than our Carers, so if you still have that passion for care but require a role with regular hours, then these roles are definitely worth considering.

2. Opportunities & Experience

Whilst experience always helps when applying for Care roles, we don’t ask that you come to us with any qualifications. We can help you through career progression to work towards achieving GCSEs, a level 2/3 NVQ in Health Social Care or even an NCFE.

The only thing we do require without a doubt is that you care. We are 100% committed to providing more than just a service to our clients, but rather genuine attention to what they need and professionalism in delivering those services.

For roles that are not in one-to-one Care Work, we do encourage those who want to study or gain a qualification alongside their work and are happy to consider those who require work placements or are on apprenticeships.

3. Varied Work

Nine-to-five jobs, doing the same thing over and over like a factory line, dealing with numbers and names not people and places – sounds boring right? That’s because it is!

Care work guarantees variety. Carer’s are given stable and practical time tables and placements with plenty of notice – but these can change somewhat sporadically as, in the nature of Care Work, you must always be adaptable and expect the unexpected.

You will always work with a range of people with varying requirements and needs. As we specialise in Social Care, Carers will primarily work with clients in their own home, meaning that you will work in ever-changing settings. No two days are the same.

4. Job Satisfaction

“If a job’s worth doing, is worth doing well!”

You can measure a Carer against the satisfaction of their clients and whilst some days will be hard, hours may be long and you may not be able to keep everyone happy; there is no better feeling then that of ending a day knowing that you have done all you can to improve the quality of someone else’s life in a way that really makes a difference for both them and their loved ones.

5. Rewards Like No Other Job

If the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people isn’t enough, hearing their thanks and praise should prove to you that the rewards of Care Work are invaluable. There is no promising that you will always receive thanks, but when you do it’s all the better for knowing you really deserved it.

Why Care?

Every job comes with ups and downs, but few can offer you the flexibility, qualifications and variety that Care does, and none can offer the same short term rewards and long term satisfaction.

It’s more than just a commitment to us as employers, more than just a commitment to yourself as your career and qualifications, it’s a promise to our clients that you accept responsibility over how they are treated and the overall quality of life they have as a reflection of the service you provide.

Interested In A Career In Care?

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