Warm and Caring!– A guide For Our Care Workers!


Care is a powerful and broad word that, as a concept, can be applied to a phrase to convey many implications. This is why we stick to our slogan of “Care.” As vaguely ambiguous as this one-word phrase may be, it’s the many ways in which it can be interpreted. It’s not so that we can leave people puzzled as … Read More

Prepare For The Big Freeze!

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Here at All Seasons we see people prepare poorly for winter every year as, much like the rest of the country, a lot of us forget just how brutal our seasons can hit us both outside and in our new home. Whilst we aim to help everyone one-to-one, we can’t get to every person before each winter, and so we … Read More

5 Innovative Inventions To Help Those With Alzheimer’s From 2019!


To raise hope in response to World Alzheimer’s Day, we have gathered some amazing and inspiring examples of the innovations made just this year alone to help improve the quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s. 1. Memesto – Music therapy device helps Alzheimer’s patients. Reported through a local news station in the USA, Memesto was created by Zach Gordon, … Read More

ART (Acute Response Team)


Whilst not brand new, a lot of people don’t know about our amazing work with the NHS in the Acute Response Team The Acute Response Team (referred to as ART) is made up of a combination of the old NHS Rapid Response Model and All Seasons’ Care Workers to create the Acute Response Team. The Team consists of a mixed … Read More

New Starters Q&A


Welcome to the “Newbies!” News subsection where we welcome, introduce and interview our newest Carers. Welcome to the All Seasons Team! What has inspired you to begin a career in Care at All Seasons? Devon “When I was young I looked after my Dad who had Parkinson’s and ever since I wanted to be a Carer.” Rebecca “All Seasons has … Read More

Our New Keep Calm Campaign


Keep calm campaign, Gabi Collins is launching the keep calm and chose all seasons campaign a fresh look at how we deliver positive promotion of the business. We are looking to organise some coffee mornings in autumn with homemade cakes and some fun activities……………………. watch this space!!

Thanet Acute Response Team Pilot


All seasons are proud to be involved in the ART Pilot, two of our experienced supervisors Kate Bacon and Judith Stroud have been supporting the ART pilot since the end of last year. The ART Pilot is in aid of integrating health & Social Care in Thanet. Kate and Judith are providing support with regulated activities such as personal care … Read More

Welcome Naomi Stephens – Care Plan & Risk Assessor


Naomi Stephens joined us in late October 2016 with a hospital background. Naomi worked as an associate practitioner and graduated with a health and social care degree in March this year. Naomi brings a wealth of clinical and medical knowledge.