Why Choose Us?

No matter what your requirements are, you can be confident that we at All Seasons  will treat you with dignity and respect. We understand that each person has their own unique needs and wishes so we provide a tailor made care service you can rely on.

What makes All Seasons Different To Other Care Providers?

We care about more than just our service users, we care for the community around our service users too.

This is why in early 2019, all Seasons Community Support made the transition from an LLP to a CIC.

What is a CIC?

A CIC is a community interest company. It is a limited company which is regulated by the CIC Regulator and must demonstrate that it operates in the interest of the community.

It is not a charity, but is part of the VCSE (voluntary, community and social enterprise sector) and so is eligible to apply for grants and trusts which are open to the VCSE sector, and not to the private sector.

So why did All Seasons become a CIC?

All Seasons has always been part of the voluntary sector – the company was initially part of a charity, and its current parent company (owning 51%) is Social Enterprise Kent Community Interest Company (CIC), which is part of the voluntary sector. All Seasons is therefore also part of the voluntary sector and being a CIC will enable All Seasons to apply for other grants and community funds in the future.

A Social Consciousness

All Seasons prides itself in pioneering the integration of Social and Health Care. Our proudest achievements to date are our considerable strides in a strong relationship of integration with various NHS Services.

One such example is our Acute Response Team (A.R.T) who specialise in providing hospital level care within service users homes whilst also working as their single point of access to other NHS services.

A recently developed example would be our Home with Support Team that helps service users leave hospital early to return to their pre-admission home lives with the support of our care workers.


As a Community Interest Company, we have a strong ethos in being able to put back into the community. For more on our Specialist Teams and our integration with the NHS, see our Innovations & Integrations page here

Supporting The Community

Ageless Thanet

All Seasons are proud to be the Platinum Sponsor for Ageless Thanet over 50’s festival, which works closely with and for the local community and has done a lot of amazing work to encourage both business to customer communications and general sociability, notably so amongst the elderly.

The Ageless Thanet “Over 50s” cards and their over 50’s classes have not only bettered the community for so many people but have arguably created a whole new positive culture around age based social issues.

As well as having completely reshaped the attitude and approach to business and sociability in Kent, their Ageless Thanet 50+ Festival has created a new community of both young and old people alike.

This is something that All Seasons encourages, hence our support in the last few years as platinum sponsors of the event. This year we are excited to be supporting Ageless Thanet again in what is shaping up to be their biggest and most exciting 50+ Festival yet!


The nature of Social Care is that it creates jobs. We are always recruiting at All Seasons, but a job in social care with All Seasons is more than that it’s a career!

All Seasons works incredibly hard to promote long-term careers in social work. We encourage our care workers to evolve in their careers by supporting them in to work they do, working with them to fit work around their personal lives and by encouraging them to take o new skills through free training in all kinds of care.

Our recruitment drives, often supported by our amazing care workers, put huge efforts into spreading the word of our recruitment opportunities. As seen in some of these images, we travel far and wide across Kent. We are often either present at recruitment days (such as the Folkestone Job Centre and Dreamland’s recruitment drives) or holding our own (such as our week at Westwood Cross and our several days at St Peter’s Church in Aylesham).

Supporting Charities

All Seasons wants to support as many people as we can, so we support those who work to support others!

All seasons has always strived to work on improving the lives and communities of anyone who needs it!

Charities and groups we’ve supported:

Children in Need – The BBC Children in Need Appeal Night takes place every year in November. The Appeal show is a whole evening of entertainment on BBC One with celebrities singing, dancing, and doing all sorts of crazy things to help raise money.

MacMillan Cancer Support – Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest British charities and provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer.

Jeans 4 Jeans Day – Jeans for Genes Day is the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder.

Monies raised on Jeans for Genes Day fund the work of the charity and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.

Christmas Jumper Day – Christmas Jumper Day is an annual fundraising campaign in the UK organised by charity Save the Children. On a specific Friday in December, people are encouraged to make the world better with a sweater and raise funds for Save the Children by wearing a Christmas jumper and making a minimum donation of £1.

Red Nose Day – Since its launch in 1988, Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution. It’s the day when people across the land can get together and raise money at home, school and work.

Changing Places Awareness Day – Changing Places awareness day is an annual event happening on 19 July. The event celebrates the success of the campaigning to install Changing Places toilets. It will also continue to raise awareness about the importance of Changing Places toilets for the thousands of severely disabled people who need them.

Supporting Our Care Workers

All Seasons Appreciates the amazing hard work that our care workers put into their roles and know that without their amazing work ethics, All Seasons would be able to call itself an amazing first class care provider.

We are as grateful as we are proud of our dedicated care workers!